Kongsberg OE1366/67 Mk II: Colour Zoom Camera
Kongsberg OE1366/67 Mk II: Colour Zoom Camera
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Kongsberg OE1366/67 Mk II: Colour Zoom Camera


The Kongsberg OE1366/67 MkII Zoom Camera is a fine replacement of the industry standard ROV inspection camera, OE1366. OE 1366/67 MkII Zoom Camera uses the latest HAD CCD technology to deliver brilliant image definition and light sensitivity.


Has a newly developed DSP that allows the creation of different digital effects.

A water compensated optical zoom lens provides a close-up inspection capability combined with the flexibility of an 18x (72x with digital) magnification for powerful stand off inspections.

The built-in field-memory facilitates slower shutter speed so that a snapshot can become easy in capability and text insertion.

The camera has digital control with an 18:1 zoom lens.

The camera can be given an ID number along with time and date.


Standard Lens: 4.1mm to 73.8mm, F1.4 – 3

Iris control :Automatic, override available with digital control (CAN or RS485)

Water Depth 3000 metres

Temperature: Operating -5°C to +40°C In water


Subsea inspections

Maintenance projects

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