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Kongsberg OE11-242: Underwater Flashgun

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The OE11-242 Underwater Flashgun has been designed specifically for use with the Kongsberg Maritime OE14-208 Digital Stills Camera. When under control of the OE14-208 the variable power feature can be used allowing the exposure to be increased or decreased by a 1/3 of a stop up to a maximum of +2 stops and a minimum of -2 stops.


Automatic/Manual operation

Flash output controlled by OE14-208

Zoom function controlled by OE14-208

Fill flash activation available and can be turned off in the presence of external lighting.

Slow sync for better background detail capture in cases of inspection, repair and maintenance.


Guide number 21m in Seawater @ 24mm camera setting (35mm equivalent)

Light output 80 W/s maximum

Water Depth 1,000 metres 3,000 metres 6,000 metres

Temperature Operating -5°C to +40°C in Water Storage -20°C to +60°C


Used for subsea inspection

Diver operations

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