Kongsberg OE11-242: Underwater Flashgun
Kongsberg OE11-242: Underwater Flashgun
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Kongsberg OE11-242: Underwater Flashgun

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The OE11-242 Underwater Flashgun has been designed specifically for use with the Kongsberg Maritime OE14-208 Digital Stills Camera. When under control of the OE14-208 the variable power feature can be used allowing the exposure to be increased or decreased by a 1/3 of a stop up to a maximum of +2 stops and a minimum of -2 stops.


Automatic/Manual operation

Flash output controlled by OE14-208

Zoom function controlled by OE14-208

Fill flash activation available and can be turned off in the presence of external lighting.

Slow sync for better background detail capture in cases of inspection, repair and maintenance.



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Guide number 21m in Seawater @ 24mm camera setting (35mm equivalent)

Light output 80 W/s maximum

Water Depth 1,000 metres 3,000 metres 6,000 metres

Temperature Operating -5°C to +40°C in Water Storage -20°C to +60°C


Used for subsea inspection

Diver operations

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