Cygnus Hatch Sure: Ultrasonic Hatch Leak Detector
Cygnus Hatch Sure: Ultrasonic Hatch Leak Detector
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Cygnus Hatch Sure: Ultrasonic Hatch Leak Detector


Cygnus Hatch Sure is an ultrasonic hatch leak detector which is able to perform a quick and effective evaluation of cargo hold hatch covers and door seals to determine water leaks and weather tightness. Hatch Sure is ABS type approved and accepted by P&I clubs.


Allows a rapid and thorough test of hatch cover tightness

Environmentally friendly, can be used in place of hose testing

Inspections can be carried out with cargo in place

Lightweight 3.8 kg (8 lbs) – suitable to be hand-carried onto aircraft

The transmitter has 6 selectable pre-set power levels enabling the unit to be used in confined spaces


Size: 110 x 185 x 45 mm (4.4 x 7.3 x 1.8 inch)

Weight: 500g (17 oz) (inc. batteries)

Power: 9v PP3 battery – 2 x MaxE Rechargeable batteries supplied

Battery life: 4 – 5 hours continuous with MaxE rechargeable batteries. 8-9 hours with Alkaline batteries

Protection: IP65 (IP66 in soft-pouch)


Cargo hatch covers

Watertight doors

Hold access covers

Yacht & boat hatches

Water tight seals

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