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Reliable Leak Detection Equipment from Unique Group

Unique Group offers superior-grade leak detection equipment for diverse applications. Our inspection repair and maintenance products are trusted by industry professionals owing to the high performance they deliver. The equipment is designed by proficient experts with careful consideration of the industry standards and requirements of the users. You can rest assured about the functioning and performance of our leak detection systems. 

Under this category, we mainly provide two products. It includes an ultrasonic hatch leak detector and an underwater leak & cement detection system. The ultrasonic hatch leak detector is capable of performing an effective and quick evaluation of door seals and cargo hatch covers to identify potential weather tightness and water leaks. This leak detection product is also suitable for the evaluation of hold access covers and yacht & boat hatches. On the other hand, the underwater leak & cement detection system is ideal for locating leaks in subsea infrastructure, risers, and hydraulic control systems. It is even suitable for decommissioning, commissioning, and cement detection. 

Still, wondering why to choose the leak detection equipment of Unique Group? Consider the top benefits listed below.

  • High-Quality: Quality is an important factor that differentiates us from others in the industry. Our professionals are determined to deliver only the best quality products to customers. 
  • Rapid Testing: The visual inspection products are designed to conduct rapid, thorough, and effective testing to determine the potential leaks efficiently.
  • Environment-friendly: Our products are environment-friendly and can be used in diverse environmental conditions.
  • Lightweight: The survey equipment is lightweight and can be easily carried to desired locations. 

Unique Group has a dedicated team of professionals who are willing to provide exceptional services to the customers and ensure their optimum satisfaction. Need more information about our leak detection equipment? Connect with our experienced professionals and get a clear idea about the products and solutions.