NETmc Marine DVCi-D: HD Video System
NETmc Marine DVCi-D: HD Video System
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NETmc Marine DVCi-D: HD Video System


The DVCi-D is a High-definition video recording system for diver use without having to upgrade your existing umbilicals. DVCi-D comes as a complete subsea camera and topside recording system. The video is encoded subsea and sent to the topside box for control and file creation.


Small and lightweight

Fixed focus

Easily integrates to the NETmc Marine DVR

Compatible with a number of industry standard inspection packages

Will connect directly to existing 4 pin diver camera connections and has been proven to work over umbilicals that struggled to carry a composite video image


Formats: 720P, 1080P, H264

Works over Ethernet and Twisted pair

Works with Coabis, WGIM and EIVA

Components: Camera, Diver Pod and Surface Unit


Used in ROVs and diving applications

For visual inspections of subsea structures

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