Kongsberg OE 11-135: Underwater Lamp
Kongsberg OE 11-135: Underwater Lamp
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Kongsberg OE 11-135: Underwater Lamp

The OE11-135 is a compact high power lamp specifically designed for diver and ROV deployment applications. The lamp is fitted with a 115V, 300 Watt high efficiency halogen bulb and produces a broad, even beam of white light which is ideal for the demanding requirements of colour underwater video tasks.


300W halogen floodlight.

70° beam coverage

High Colour Rendition Index value


Lighting: Plug-in high efficiency quartz halogen bulb, fully variable output.

Illuminance @ 1 metre: Better than 250 Lux

Power: 115V / 300 Watt

Beam angle: >80° (half power points)

Dimensions diameter: 70 mm (front end), 48 mm (main body)


High quality underwater video inspection

Subsea observation tasks.

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