DeepSea: Apex™ SeaCam®
DeepSea: Apex™ SeaCam®
Survey Equipment

DeepSea: Apex™ SeaCam®


The Apex™ SeaCam® is capable of 4K UHD and operates in multiple HD formats. Proprietary corrector optics provide superior imaging performance with a low-distortion 70° HFOV. A faceplate illumination of 0.56 lux provides impressive low light performance.


4K UHD and HD resolution image capture capacity for better inspection

12x Optical zoom resolution for intricate detailing

20x lossless digital zoom offers high-key image standards

6000m depth rating makes it perfect for seabed survey and inspection operations

Titanium Housing for rigidity and top notch protection


Housing: 6Al-4V Titanium

Port optical: Glass Dome

Depth rating: 6,000 m

Operational temperature: 0° C to 40° C [32° F to 104° F]

Lens 3.9 mm to 46.8 mm, F/1.8 to F/2.0


Scientific research and exploration


Projects that require the highest quality imaging.

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