OV-QHL3001: Halogen Underwater Lamp
OV-QHL3001: Halogen Underwater Lamp
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OV-QHL3001: Halogen Underwater Lamp

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The OV-QHL3001 is a versatile underwater halogen lamp which is rated for use in up to 3000m. This lamp can either be delivered in stainless steel 316L or in anodized aluminium. It comes with a protective reflector.


Hardened Glass

Bulb protector

Its robust design makes it a perfect choice for harsh environments and rough handling.

The unit comes with BH3M Sub connector as a standard, but other types can be supplied upon request



Weight: 2kg

Height: 144mm

Diameter: 72mm

Can be used at 3000 metre deep sea


Designed for use on Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV)

Ideal for fixed subsea installations.

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