AAE 1100 Series: Mini Beacon
AAE 1100 Series: Mini Beacon
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AAE 1100 Series: Mini Beacon


1100 Series Mini Beacons incorporate the next generation of applied acoustics’ Sigma 2 acoustic protocols. Utilising bi-directional wide band width spread spectrum provides precise range resolution and positional stability.


AAE proprietary Sigma 2 bi-directional spread spectrum technology

Precise range resolution

Multi-Fire common interrogate capability

MiQ data telemetry functionality

Directional or omni-directional beam pattern options available


Battery type Rechargeable: NiMH as standard

Listening life: 60 days

Transmit frequency range: 21 – 31kHz

Receive frequency range: 17 – 31kHz

Connector type: MCBH5M 5-way connector


General purpose tracking and positioning

Static and dynamic operations e.g. ROV, side scan sonar

Applicable in navigation and data for monitoring third party sensors

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