Sonardyne 7815: Coastal Transponder
Sonardyne 7815: Coastal Transponder
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Sonardyne 7815: Coastal Transponder


The 7815 coastal transponder has been designed for low cost applications where size and weight are important operational factors. The transponder operates with any of the Coastal Acoustics tracking and relocation systems such as Scout USBL, Prospector and Homer-Pro.


Versatile, low cost transponder

Compact and rugged design

HF frequency band from 35-55kHz

Alkaline battery packs give up to

18 months listening life


Depth rating: 500 meters

Operating frequency range: HF (35-50 kHz)

Source level: 184-187 dB

Receive sensitivity: 105-115 dB
Number of unique addresses: 3609 (Field Programmable)

Switch on: Continuously operating (No On/Off switch)


Enables normal or emergency relocation of critical points of interest

Accurate underwater distance measurement

Small target/diver tracking.

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