AAE 1019: Mini Beacon
AAE 1019: Mini Beacon
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AAE 1019: Mini Beacon


The 1000 Series Mini Beacons incorporate Applied Acoustics’ proprietary Sigma acoustic protocols, proven for use with AAE’s USBL tracking systems, other manufacturers’ USBL systems operating with wide bandwidth transmissions, as well as those using ‘narrow band’ tone signalling.


AAE proprietary Sigma bi-directional spread spectrum technology

Quick and easy configuration

Directional or omni-directional beam pattern options available

Externally configurable as a transponder, responder or pinger

High power option model to operate longer ranges


Transmit frequency range: 24-33.5 kHz

Listening life: 60 days

Beam Pattern: ±90°

Survival Depth: 1500m

Diameter: 74mm

Can be used with Exail GAPS systems


General purpose tracking and positioning applications

Static and dynamic operations e.g. ROV, side-scan sonar

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