Sonardyne MF LCU: Lightweight Command Unit
Sonardyne MF LCU: Lightweight Command Unit
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Sonardyne MF LCU: Lightweight Command Unit

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The Sonardyne ORT Acoustic Release Transponders are controlled using a frequency band specific Lightweight Command Unit (LCU) which consists of an over the side dunking transducer connected either to a splash proof handheld terminal or, via supplied software, to any PC.


Commands and controls ORT and DORT transponders

Choice of MF or LF operating band depending on acoustic release type

Controlled using splash-proof Psion handheld terminal or PC

Supplied with dunking transducer and 40 metre cable drum

Allows users to range to Compatt transponders and send basic commands


Operating frequency: Type 7663 – MF (18/36kHz)

Transducer Beam Shape: Hemispherical

Receive Threshold (dB re 1µPa): <115dB

Battery Life: 4-8 Hours

Battery shelf life (Disconnected): 2 Months


Used by marine researchers to control transponders.

Used in ocean surveys

Widely used in surveying

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