Sonardyne: LRT Rope Canister
Sonardyne: LRT Rope Canister
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Sonardyne: LRT Rope Canister


Sonardyne?s Rope Canisters are designed to attach to the RT 6- 1000 and come with configurable recovery line lengths and two 400 m depth rated 3.5kg upthrust buoys.


Avoid leaving infrastructure on the seabed and the use of costly ROVs or divers

Options for different length recovery lines

WLL upto 250kg

Compact and portable

It is supplied with a Rope Canister, two 3.5 kg upthrust buoys, shackles and attachment lines


Dimensions: 435 x 90 mm (70m Canister)

Weight in air: 1.93 kg

Storage temperature: -20 to 45?C

Operating temperature: -5 to 40?C


Used to quickly and easily haul equipment to the surface

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