Oceanographic Acoustic Release Systems



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Precision-oriented Oceanographic Acoustic Release Systems from Unique Group

At Unique Group, we take pride in our extensive array of oceanographic acoustic release systems designed for underwater deployment in oceanic and environmental surveys. All our equipment for oceanographic and acoustic release can be used to release and recover scientific instruments, mooring lines, and other underwater equipment with precision and safety. The category features products from renowned manufacturers like iXBlue and Sonardyne, ensuring quality and reliability. Some of the renowned products in our versatile product range include iXBlue Oceano AR-701 for Telecommand and Coastal Acoustic Release (500kg), iXBlue Oceano TT801: Telecommand Unit, Sonardyne 7815: Coastal Transponder, Sonardyne ORT 7409: Oceanographic Release Transponder, Sonardyne 7967: OBC/LRT Deck Unit, and more.

All our oceanographic acoustic release systems can operate in a range of underwater environments, including shallow and deep water applications. They provide precise and reliable control of underwater deployments, allowing for accurate positioning and retrieval of scientific instruments. In addition, the systems offer remote operation capabilities, enabling users to control the equipment from a safe distance and reducing the risk of injury or damage to the equipment.

  • Ergonomic design for cost-effectiveness: All our equipment features an ergonomic design which leads to our low-cost attribute. For instance, the 7815 Coastal Transponder is intended for low-cost applications where size and weight are crucial operational considerations. The transponder works with all tracking and relocation programs made by Coastal Acoustics, including Scout USBL, Prospector, and Homer-Pro.
  • Easy configuration: One of the highlighting features of our oceanographic acoustic release systems is the ease of use. For instance, Oceano TT801 Telecommand Unit is a portable, lightweight, and splashproof remote control unit made by Unique Group in collaboration with iXBlue. It is intended to operate all low-frequency iXBlue Oceano acoustic releases and transponders, as well as their variants.
  • Remote operation: You get a remote control for variants like the OCEANO range so you can control all products without any significant damage underwater. 

Unique Group is committed to quality when it comes to survey equipment. Want more information about our product range? Contact us now!