Oceanscience SeaSpider: Mooring Platform
Oceanscience SeaSpider: Mooring Platform
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Oceanscience SeaSpider: Mooring Platform

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The SeaSpider is a mounting platform for ADCP and other related instruments. It fits any compact ADCP with plenty of room and flat mounting surfaces for battery packs, pressure sensors, pingers, CTDs and pop-up buoys.


Easy to mount auxiliary instruments

Cost-efficient and corrosion-resistant device.

The all fiberglass construction makes it easy to customise for special applications.

A standard 17 glass sphere with hardhat fits neatly into the top deck.

Optional gimbal for steep bottoms and clamps for extra battery packs and instruments


Construction: Corrosion-resistant composite structure, 316 stainless steel hardware

Side length: 58cm (147 cm)

Height: with 50mm deep lead feet: 21 (53 cm)

150 lb (68 kg) lead weight

Modular version ships in box for easy handling


Marine research

Environmental monitoring


Offshore projects

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