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Moorings for Oceanographic and Environmental Survey Equipment from Unique Group

Moorings are crucial in oceanographic and environmental survey equipment for keeping instruments and sensors in place for long periods. Unique Group offers a wide range of mooring equipment that can withstand harsh ocean conditions, ensuring accurate and reliable data collection. Our mooring platforms and seabed moorings can be customized to meet your specific requirements, and we also offer lightweight command units and release transponders to facilitate easy deployment and recovery of moorings. Some of our products in the moorings category include Oceanscience SeaSpider: Mooring Platform, Seabed Moorings, Sonardyne MF LCU: Lightweight Command Unit, Sonardyne: RT6 Oceanographic Acoustic Release, Sonardyne ORT 7409: Oceanographic Release Transponder, and Sonardyne: LRT Rope Canister.

All our moorings are designed for flexibility. For instance, the SeaSpider mounting platform for ADCP and other associated devices. It has sufficient space and flat mounting surfaces for pressure sensors, battery packs, CTDs, pingers, and pop-up buoys, and it fits any compact ADCP. The Lightweight Command Unit (LCU), which comprises an over-the-side dipping transducer connected to either a splash-proof handheld interface or, via provided software, to any PC, controls the Sonardyne ORT and DORT Acoustic Release Transponders. Sonardyne’s Rope Canisters have two 400 m depth-rated, 3.5 kg upthrust buoys and can be configured with different recovery line lengths. They are made to attach to the RT 6- 1000.

What makes us best:

  • Industry-wide applications: Our moorings can be used to swiftly and seamlessly haul any equipment to the subsea surface. They can be used on the seabed for around two years to moor any sort of oceanographic instrument strings or installed on AUVs and towfish to facilitate ballast launch for emergencies.
  • Reasonable price point: All our moorings are cost-effective and they adhere to the industry rates as compared to the heftily priced underwater survey equipment.
  • Comprehensive product range: You can get all the equipment necessary for moorings under one roof.

Unique Group is pioneering oceanographic + environmental survey with their moorings with exceptional quality and unscathed industry reputation. Want more information? Drop us a line now!