20ft ISO Containerised Modules



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Reliable 20ft ISO Containerised Diving Modules from Unique Group

In a world where commercialization has deteriorated the quality of containerized diving systems, Unique Group brings to you reliable and efficient 20 ft ISO containerized modules for air, nitrox, and mixed gas diving operations. Efficiency and reliability are everything in diving operations and our SL 2.3 DCON model, which is available for rental or sale, features a 1500-deck compression chamber and a high-pressure (HP) air storage area separated by a partitioned wall with an access door.

The HP storage area ventilated by a forced draft primarily includes a 2×122 cylinder gas bank in a galvanized handling frame. The frame has a high-capacity HP compressor and the best part is the DDC area is completely air-conditioned. Here are few benefits and features of our 20 ft ISO containerized modules:


  • Efficient and Flexible: The 20ft ISO Containerised Modules from Unique Group are highly efficient and flexible, making them an ideal choice for diving and life support operations. The SL 2.3 DCON model features a fully air-conditioned DDC area and a ventilated HP storage area with 2 x 12-cylinder gas banks in a galvanized handling frame and high-capacity HP compressors.
  • Compliant Certification Package: The modules are fully insulated and comply with IMCA D023 & D018 certification package, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.
  • Rental or Sale: Unique Group offers the SL 2.3 DCON model for rental or sale, providing customers with a cost-effective and flexible solution for their diving and life support operations.

Contact our team of engineers and diving specialists to enquire about our 20 ft ISO containerised modules.