Magnetic Particle Inspection



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Lightweight and Efficient Magnetic Particle Inspection System from Unique Group

Unique Group offers the best magnetic particle inspection units for reliable non-destructive testing (NDT). We understand the growing demand for reliable and robust survey equipment in diverse industries. To meet the demands, our survey equipment is developed using modern technology and keeping industry standards in mind. 

We provide a variety of magnetic particle inspection equipment like the SCUMPI system, magnetic particle inspection unit, and combined magnetic field metre. The top-notch magnetic particle inspection unit comes with features like continuous ink agitation, DC or AC demagnetizing and magnetising function, quick-release ink reservoir, and more. On the other hand, the prominent features of the SCUMPI system include a lightweight tubular construction frame, an anodized aluminium subsea unit, and a 12-volt U/V lamp output. The key features of the combined magnetic field metre are a depth rating of 600m and its ability to be used for 20 hours continuously.

Unique Group is a leading name when it comes to the delivery of high-quality inspection repair and maintenance equipment. Still, wondering why to opt for our magnetic particle inspection unit? Go through the key benefits listed below.

  • Diverse Applications: Our magnetic particle inspection equipment is ideal for various operations like subsea infrastructure maintenance, subsea inspection, and other underwater applications. 
  • Safety: All our products follow the safety standards of the industry and ensure optimum protection of the users.
  • Affordable: We provide our magnetic particle inspection products at competitive prices to make them easily accessible to users.
  • High-Quality: We guarantee the delivery of high-quality equipment for seamless operations.

Customer satisfaction is important for the professionals at Unique Group. We are available around the clock to offer quality assistance and support to customers. Want to know more about magnetic particle inspection equipment? Reach out to our professionals, discuss your specific requirements, and get the best product at competitive prices.