Through-Waters Communication



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Powerful Through-Waters Communication Systems from Unique Group

Unique Group offers diverse through-waters communication systems for diverse diving operations. Our diving life support systems are developed with attention to detail and sim to meet the emerging demands of the customers. The general diving equipment is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure optimum performance. We invest in the best-in-class technologies to deliver world-class products to divers. 

Under the through-waters communication category, we provide two products: through-waters comms bells station and through-waters comms surface station. The through-waters comms bells station has a hi-power and a compact design. It is suitable for use in submersibles and diving bells. The through-waters comms surface station is a multi-channel, 5-watt, single sideband underwater transceiver developed with professional search and rescue teams in mind. It is ideal for use in search and rescue diving operations.

Still wondering what makes the through-waters communication systems of Unique Group the best in the industry? Consider the main benefits listed below.

  • Compact Design: The through-waters communication systems come with a compact design. They are lighter in weight and can be easily carried by the divers to the operation site. 
  • Easy to Install: The installation process of our systems isn’t complex. They are easy to install in much less time.
  • Heavy-Duty Battery: The through-waters comms surface station has a heavy-duty battery that lasts about 20 hours even after continuous use.
  • User-Adjustable: The systems can be easily adjusted by the users to meet their specific requirements. 

Unique Group has a team of through-waters communication specialists who have years of knowledge and experience in the field. We are ready to help customers in making the right choice. Want a quote or need more information about our products? Connect with our engineers today and get all queries answered!