Lightweight Inspection ROV



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Reliable and Lightweight Inspection ROVs from Unique Group

Unique Group is a trailblazing global supplier of marine, survey, and diving equipment solutions. The company specialises in offering a range of lightweight inspection remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) designed to provide high-quality visual inspections in various underwater environments. These ROVs are ideal for offshore inspections, aquaculture, dam inspections, search and rescue operations, and more. With years of experience and a commitment to quality, Unique Group has become a trusted supplier of lightweight inspection ROVs to customers worldwide.

At Unique Group, we offer a range of lightweight inspection ROVs, including Boxfish Alpha, Boxfish Luna, and Boxfish ROV. These ROVs are designed to provide superior performance in various applications, including underwater cinematography, inspection, and exploration.

  • Easy Operation: The ROVs are easy to set up, drive and deploy, and they offer unscathed vision with manoeuvrability and serviceability along with fantastic lighting and long battery life. It takes a team of just two people to set the lightweight and portable inspection ROV with a powerful high CRI-lighting system. 
  • Long battery life: When you use the lightweight inspection ROV for surveys in subsea operations or offshore surveys, rest assured about the battery life lasting for hours. In addition, the total cost of ownership is low due to simple maintenance features. High-quality Images: The ROVs are equipped with advanced imaging technology, including a 4K camera and LED lights, which ensures excellent image quality in low-light conditions.

 Whether you need an ROV for underwater cinematography, inspection, or exploration, Unique Group has the perfect solution for you. With a commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Unique Group is the perfect partner for finding a lightweight inspection ROV. Need more information or want to get a quote for your next survey operation? Contact our team of professionals now.