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Safe and Reliable Hyperbaric Equipment from Unique Group

At Unique Group, we offer a comprehensive array of hyperbaric equipment for everything ranging from use in transport chambers and smaller locks to main chambers, transport locks, and diving bells. Our range of Hyperbaric Equipment includes the AMRON 7100 Series: Hyperbaric Chamber Light, DAN: Resuscitation kit, HIKVISION DS-2CE16DOT-IRF: HD IR Bullet Camera (1080p), UG 500: Carbon Dioxide Scrubber, UG ICU 200: Chamber Internal Conditioning Unit, UG: Back Pressure Regulator, UG: HP Filter: 300 bar MWP, UG: Hyperbaric Cushions and Mattress, UG: Hyperbaric Fire Extinguisher With Bracket 7L, UG: Interlock, and UG: Lung Powered Scrubber: 1.5 L.

For those who need to administer CPR and rescue breathing in a restricted environment, including rescue teams and scuba diving first responders, the DAN Resuscitation Kit is made for them. The kit includes an oral nasal resuscitation mask, a non-rebreather mask with 6 feet of hose, a 6.36-liter aluminum cylinder, a 1600 Pelican waterproof box, and a brass multifunction regulator. Any diver who wants to be ready for any situation should get this equipment. In our hyperbaric equipment, we also gave a fire extinguisher with a bracket with a discharge hose designed to fit directly to the HP refill source. On the other hand, our hyperbaric cushions and mattresses are perfect for maintaining hygienic conditions within a comfortable atmosphere inside the chambers.

Our hyperbaric equipment is the best in the industry for the following reasons:

  • Safety: All our products are designed in adherence to the most stringent industry standards. They are vividly checked for safety, to ensure maximum efficiency under critical conditions.
  • Comprehensive product range: Our product range includes everything ranging from a hyperbaric chamber light and resuscitation kit to a carbon dioxide scrubber, chamber internal conditioning unit, back pressure regulator, and more.
  • High-quality: All our products are designed with a keen focus on quality within a cost-effective price point.

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