DAN: Resuscitation kit
DAN: Resuscitation kit
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DAN: Resuscitation kit

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Unique Group supplies DAN Resuscitation Kit, a comprehensive emergency kit for respiratory resuscitation. Kit consists of a 1600 Pelican waterproof case, brass multifunction regulator, demand valve with hose, 6.36 Litre Aluminium cylinder, oral nasal resuscitation mask, and non-rebreather mask with 6ft hose. This kit is perfect for any diver who wants to be prepared for any possible emergency.


Highly effective and easy-to-use emergency airway management kit.

Contains all the necessary equipment to oxygenate, ventilate and continue resuscitation of an injured casualty.

Sturdy and durable, including brass fittings and hoses, a 6.36 Litre Aluminium cylinder, and a 1600 Pelican waterproof case.

Waterproof case, making it perfect for any conditions.

High-quality, easy-to-use, and complete resuscitation kit are ideal for diving.


Length: ± 600mm

Width: ± 530mm

Height: ± 230mm

Weight: ± 14kg

Delivery: ± 60 mins


The DAN Resuscitation Kit is designed for scuba diving first responders, rescue teams, and anyone who needs to perform CPR and rescue breathing in a confined space.

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