UG 500: Carbon Dioxide Scrubber
UG 500: Carbon Dioxide Scrubber
Diving + Life Support

UG 500: Carbon Dioxide Scrubber

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Unique Group offers the UG 500: Carbon Dioxide Scrubber which is a sleek, easy-to-clean, and compact scrubber with good dependability and a simple design. It can pass through most medical and equipment locks because of its size.


Equipped with thermal overload and reverse polarity protection.

Mounted in any position

Supplied with a bulkhead mounting bracket with quick-release catches

Maximised scrubbing ability.


Operating Depth: up to 300 msw

Gas Flow: 420 Ltr/min (actual)

Canister Capacity: 4.5Ltr

Power Requirements: 12/24VDC (current draw = 1 Amp at depth)

Electrical Connector: MCIL3F


Designed for use in transport chambers and smaller locks.

Designed for use in main chambers, transfer locks or diving bells.

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