UG: Lung Powered Scrubber: 1.5 L
UG: Lung Powered Scrubber: 1.5 L
Diving + Life Support

UG: Lung Powered Scrubber: 1.5 L

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Unique Group offers lung powered scrubber to remove carbon dioxide. Replacement filter cartridges and soda sorb cartridges are available.


1.5 ltr container for absorbents

Can be used for up to 4 hours

Offers Oral-nasal mask and ensures increased safety

Filter cartridges and soda sorb cartridges are available

Transparent Canister enabling the colour of the absorbent to be monitored


Canister Volume: 1.5 Ltr

Canister Duration: 4 hrs

Materials: hardened acrylic, neoprene and HDPE

Length: ‡ 620mm

Width: ‡ 270mm


Ideal for personnel working within diving bells, decompression chambers, submersibles and underwater habitats for increased safety

Used in hyperbaric environments in the event of breakdown of ventilation

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