UG: Back Pressure Regulator
UG: Back Pressure Regulator
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UG: Back Pressure Regulator

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Unique Group offers a negatively-biased, dome-loaded, depth-tracking back-pressure regulator. The back pressure is adjustable from 1-3 bar by selecting from two spring options. Our back pressure regulator is supplied with Oxygen cleaned, tested and certified.


Utilises a negatively-biased, dome-loaded, depth-tracking design and has an adjustable front-mounted pressure gauge.

Supplied with oxygen that is cleaned and tested by the manufacturer.

Negative feedback device that controls the flow out of the cylinder, thus maintaining a set pressure at the outlet.

Dome-loaded design with an operating pressure of 0.1 bar (1 PSI) to 3 bar (43.5 PSI).

Adjustable back-pressure feature adds versatility to diving and allows the user to control gas flow.


Length: 170-185mm

Dia: 94mm

Weight: ± 4.2kg

Operating Depth: up to 450 MSW

Flow Capacity: 3.9 (Cv) with a reseat pressure of < 0.1 bar


Back pressure regulator is a high-quality regulator that can be used with all diving cylinders.

It can be used for gas or liquid separation applications and air signal suppression.

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