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Lightweight UXO Detection Systems from Unique Group

Unique Group provides a complete range of UXO detection systems to be used in ROVs. We specialise in delivering high-quality survey equipment to customers at affordable prices. The core aim is to make the surveys easier and ensure the accuracy of the data collected. Under the UXO detection system category, our products include a multi-channel survey system, subsea pipe tracking system, pipe tracker deployment frame, and ROV sensor frame. 

The multi-channel survey system allows the users to easily locate and track different structures and objects underwater. This ROV equipment is ideal for applications like pinpointing, UXO detection, pipeline tracking and detection, cartography, and archaeological inspection. The subsea pipe tracking system is suitable for submarine pipe tracking in high currents and harsh environments. It is also ideal for use by marine engineers to track and inspect pipelines. On the other hand, the ROV sensor frame is used for applications like archaeological inspection, offshore projects, UXO detection, and pipeline detection and tracking.

Our UXO detection systems are known to be the best for a reason. Some of the core benefits are listed below.

  • Lightweight: Our products are light in weight and can be easily carried by the operations to the survey sites.
  • Long-Range Detection: The subsea pipe tracking system has a long-range detection that allows users to find buried subsea targets easily.
  • Modern Technologies: The UXO detection systems are developed with the use of modern and sophisticated technologies. It improves the chances of data accuracy.
  • Easy Setup: All our products come with an easy and flexible setup. The complete setup process of survey equipment takes only a few minutes.

Unique Group has a team of professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional customer support. Need more information about our UXO detection system or want a quote? Connect with our experienced professionals right away and get all your queries resolved.