Teledyne HydroPACT 660E: Subsea Pipe Tracking System
Teledyne HydroPACT 660E: Subsea Pipe Tracking System
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Teledyne HydroPACT 660E: Subsea Pipe Tracking System


With HydroPACT 660E Teledyne Marine brings the worlds smallest submarine, pulse induction pipe tracker to market. Built upon the already established, industry standard and world leading TSS HydroPACT 440 system, the HydroPACT 660E continues the legacy by bringing pipe tracking and UXO detection capabilities to small inspection and observation class ROVs, for applications that were previously only available on larger vehicles such as work class ROVs and trenchers.

The new HydroPACT 660E builds on the advances made with the HydroPACT 660E by consolidating the subsea electronics into a single, smaller pod, dramatically reducing the installed footprint and payload of the system while maintaining an operating range of greater than 85% of that of the significantly larger HydroPACT 440 system. The coil array now features an integrated cable for even greater reliability and is very well-suited to smaller ROVs, offering users the opportunity to significantly reduce their operating costs on future projects.

Its interface utilises the well-known and intuitive DeepView for Windows software, running on a choice of topside computer (SDC10 as standard with the RMC10 option), making it an effortless transition moving from either of the existing TSS pipe and cable tracking products to the new HydroPACT 660E. This makes it incredibly cost-effective to switch between any of the products within the HydroPACT product family.

The HydroPACT 660E compliments the existing 440 as it addresses a market where size and weight is of absolute importance for use on smaller subsea vehicles, while the 440 is still the best choice if absolute range is critical. The new solution offering a single subsea pod significantly reduces size and weight of the payload making it even more attractive for smaller classes of ROV.


Smaller (60%) and lighter (70%) coil array with a better drag coefficient suitable for inspection and observation class ROVs

Uses well-established pulse induction technology

Gives accurate survey information regardless of vehicle heading

Less drag requires less thrust and thus enables smaller vehicles to be used

Suitable for TMS launched systems without folding the coil assembly which means less risk of damaging the coil as well as fewer mechanical parts



Single POD version

Depth Rating: 3000m

Subsea Power  input: 24v DC

Dimensions: 148mm (d) x 468mm (l)

Weight: 13.4kg in air; 3.8kg in water


Can be installed on smaller ROVs than the Hydropact 440

Used to detect and track buried submarine pipes and cables

Smaller (60%) and lighter (70%) coil array with a better drag coefficient suitable for high current conditions

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