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Teledyne HydroPACT 660: Subsea Pipe Tracking System

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Teledyne Marine brings the world?s smallest submarine pulse induction pipe tracker to market with the TSS 600 HydroPACT. It is supplied in a 3,000 metre rated housing with either 110VAC or 24VDC power supply unit pod.


Smaller (60%) and lighter (70%) coil array with a better drag coefficient suitable for inspection and observation class ROVs

Uses well-established pulse induction technology

Gives accurate survey information regardless of vehicle heading

Less drag requires less thrust and thus enables smaller vehicles to be used

Suitable for TMS launched systems without folding the coil assembly which means less risk of damaging the coil as well as fewer mechanical parts


Depth Rating: 3000m

Warranty: 12 months

Power input: 110VAC

Dimensions: 148mm (?) x 468mm (l)

Weight: 13.4kg in air; 3.8kg in water


Applicable for installation in ROVs for inspection and observation.

Surveyors use it for submarine pipe tracking in harsh or high current environments.

Marine engineers use the system for tracking and inspecting pipelines

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