ToolTec: Pipetracker Deployment Frame
ToolTec: Pipetracker Deployment Frame
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ToolTec: Pipetracker Deployment Frame

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ToolTec has developed a front mounted, retractable pipe tracker frame suitable for fitment on to a range of vehicles. Designed to take the TSS 440 array of coils and mounted in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.


Fully retractable for safe ROV deployment & recovery

Lightweight to ensure no additional buoyancy requirement

Fully configurable to different vehicles (HD Version shown)

Completely non-magnetic materials used within the the critical range of the coils

Adjustable framework to allow the coil distance from the ROV to be increased




Up to 4000 MSW depth rating

Easily disassembled to achieve small shipping footprint

Securely mounts to vehicle on multiple points

Optional failsafe retractable version available


To be used on ROVs

UXO Detection

Pipeline detection

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