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Sound Metrics ARIS AR2: Rotator

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The Sound Metrics ARIS Rotator AR2 will easily and accurately aim the ARIS Explorer 3000 with 2-axis control of pan and tilt or tilt and roll. Varying the roll angle on a target provides a 3D like perspective and also rolls the sonar to the best possible angle to image the seafloor, ship hulls, dam faces, etc.


The AR2 rotates 360? to enable complete imaging of the surrounding environment

Manual and automated control is simple using the ARIScope software interface


Depth rating: 300m.

Weight in air: 6.30 kg.

Weight in water: 3.5 kg.

Rotation: Tilt/Roll Mode – Tilt Up: 45? | Down: 90?, Roll Left: 100? | Right: 100?.

Pan/Tilt Mode: Pan Left- 180? | Right: 180?, Tilt Up: 36? | Down: 90?.


Underwater inspection and fisheries management

Monitor operations and divers

Construction and environmental monitoring

Hull and berth Inspection

Port and harbour security

Search and recovery

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