Sound Metrics ARIS AR2: Rotator
Sound Metrics ARIS AR2: Rotator
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Sound Metrics ARIS AR2: Rotator


The Sound Metrics ARIS Rotator AR2 will easily and accurately aim the ARIS Explorer 3000 with 2-axis control of pan and tilt or tilt and roll. Varying the roll angle on a target provides a 3D like perspective and also rolls the sonar to the best possible angle to image the seafloor, ship hulls, dam faces, etc.


The AR2 rotates 360° to enable complete imaging of the surrounding environment

Manual and automated control is simple using the ARIScope software interface


Depth rating: 300m.

Weight in air: 6.30 kg.

Weight in water: 3.5 kg.

Rotation: Tilt/Roll Mode – Tilt Up: 45° | Down: 90°, Roll Left: 100°| Right: 100°

Pan/Tilt Mode: Pan Left- 180° | Right: 180°, Tilt Up: 36°| Down: 90°


Underwater inspection and fisheries management

Monitor operations and divers

Construction and environmental monitoring

Hull and berth Inspection

Port and harbour security

Search and recovery

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