Tritech Multicomm: Intelligent Junction Box
Tritech Multicomm: Intelligent Junction Box
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Tritech Multicomm: Intelligent Junction Box

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The Tritech Multicomm Intelligent Junction Box can be linked to a number of SeaKing sensors and communication can then be made to the Surface Control Unit (SCU) using the RS232 protocol. As well as providing RS232 output the Multicomm can act as a transparent interface allowing communication using Tritech’s ARCNET protocol.


4000m depth rating

Supplied with interconnect cables and AUX port for third party sensors

Compatible with SeaKing and SeaPrince which further allows for communication with SCU

ARCNET or RS232 communication

Flexible design and field configurable


Weight in air: 3.8kg

Weight in water: 1.9kg

Materials: Anodised aluminium

Operating temperature: -10 to 35°C

Storage temperature: -20 to 50°C


ROV/AUV construction

System integration

It can also perform survey suite integration

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