Tritech Seanet SCUv5: Surface Control Unit
Tritech Seanet SCUv5: Surface Control Unit
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Tritech Seanet SCUv5: Surface Control Unit

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Tritech Seanet SCUv5 is a multitasking control unit running under Microsoft Windows Embedded which is installed on an internal solid state disk. This is an ergonomically designed device which either neatly clips onto the front of the unit or is used as a remote via a cable.


High resolution video output

Multiple input/output ports

USB ports and flash card reader included

RS232, RS485, ARCNET, Ethernet

Controls Gemini sonars and multiple SeaKing sensors


Case width: 432mm

Front panel width: 482mm (19″)

Operating temperature: 5 to 35°C

Storage temperature: -20 to 50°C

Weight: ~10kg


Tritech sonar control

Tritech survey sensor control

Third party equipment control

Integration of GPS with survey data

Logging and playback of sonar scans

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