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Versatile and Reliable Ancillary Equipment for ROV Operations from Unique Group

At Unique Group, our Ancillary Equipment category features a range of essential equipment for successful ROV operations. From intelligent junction boxes to surface control units, our selection of products is designed to provide efficient and reliable support for a range of underwater applications. Some of our most-sought products in the inventory include OTAQ Q-HUB: Ethernet Expander, ROS PT-10: Pan and Tilt Positioner, Sound Metrics ARIS AR2: Rotator, ToolTec: Pipetracker Deployment Frame, Tritech Multicomm: Intelligent Junction Box, Tritech Seanet SCUv5: Surface Control Unit, and Tritech SeaHub: Surface Interface Unit.

The PT-10 is one of our oceanographic or nuclear pan and tilt equipment with an effective 10 lb-ft torque output, a 3,000 metre depth rating, and housings made of either aluminium or stainless steel. On the other hand, front-mounted, retractable pipe tracker frames from ToolTec can be placed on a variety of vehicles. It is designed to accommodate the TSS 440 array of coils, mounted per manufacturer’s instructions. Wondering what makes our ancillary equipment best? Here you go!

  • Durable and Versatile: Our ancillary equipment is designed to be durable and versatile, providing essential support for a range of underwater applications, including offshore oil and gas operations, underwater exploration, and marine research.
  • Advanced Technology: Our selection of ancillary equipment features advanced technology to ensure reliable and efficient performance, with options such as the OTAQ Q-HUB Ethernet Expander and Tritech Seanet SCUv5 Surface Control Unit.
  • Easy Integration: Our ancillary equipment is designed to be easy to integrate into existing systems, making it a flexible solution for a range of applications.
  • Extensive applications: The ancillary equipment in our product range can be used for different commercial ROVs and AUVs of all sizes. They can be deployed for monitoring platforms and landers, touchdown monitoring, oceanographic research, and more.

The team of engineers at Unique Group are dedicated to offering their customers with around-the-clock customer support they need. Want more information about our Ancillary equipment product range? Visit our website now or get in touch with us.