OTAQ Q-HUB: Ethernet Expander
OTAQ Q-HUB: Ethernet Expander
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OTAQ Q-HUB: Ethernet Expander

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Q-HUB is a 6 channel underwater ethernet switch with an on board power switching system. It allows you to access the wasted capacity in your Gigabyte(GBE) and 10/100 Ethernet channels. It is an ideal partner to the OTAQ range of Eagle IP underwater cameras.


Underwater 6 port IP hub for high speed Ethernet with topside power switching

Power switching to the six channels is controlled from embedded GUI software accessed over the ethernet connection.

It is available in 300m (lightweight Acetal) or 4000m (Anodised Aluminium) depth ratings.


Material: Hard Anodised Aluminium

Depth rating: 3000m and 4000m

Data: 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet

Power: 18-30 VDC

10/100/1000 out connector: 1 x BH13M


Commercial ROVs and AUVs of all sizes

Monitoring platforms and landers

Marine renewables inspection

Touchdown monitoring

Oceanographic research

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