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Teledyne Blueview M900: Dual-Frequency Sonar

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Teledyne BlueView M900 2250 series includes a 900kHz with 130 degree field of view and 2250kHz with 130 degree field of view in a compact package. The M900 2250 130?s field of view has been increased by over 125% from the previous dual frequency model.The BlueView P900-2D Forward looking Imaging Sonar is part of a complete family of high-performance imaging sonar systems engineered for multi tasking applications and flexible deployment options.


Intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Crisp, detailed real-time imagery.

On the fly point-to-point measurements.

Video synchronisation.



Weight in air: 4.3lbs / 11lbs

Weight in water: 0.95lbs / 5.1lbs water weight

130? field of view (sonar)

Maximum range of 100m (328ft) / 10m (33ft)

Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.6 in x 5.0 in x 5.0 in


ROV navigation and area survey

Object detection and target tracking

Obstacle avoidance and close-range high-resolution object identification

Operations monitoring and equipment/tool placement

Search and recovery

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