Tritech: Gemini 1200ik
Tritech: Gemini 1200ik
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Tritech: Gemini 1200ik


The Gemini 1200ik multibeam imaging sonar is a powerful addition to the popular Gemini range. The multibeam imaging sonar offers two operational frequencies with the ability to switch between low and high frequency dependant on the user’s requirement. Switching frequencies can be set to automatically switch over at a specific range or done manually.


Real-time updates for video-like imagery
120° field of view
CHIRP processing
Integrated velocimeter for accurate ranging
Software development kit available




Operating frequency: Low Frequency – 720kHz, High Frequency – 1200kHz
Range: Low Frequency (0.1m – 120m / 4in – 394ft), High Frequency (0.1m – 50m / 4in – 164ft)
Weight in air: 1.46kg / 3.22lbs
Weight in water: 0.44kg / 0.97lbs
Supply voltage: 19V to 74V DC


Switch between 720kHz and 1200kHz
Long range object detection
Short range detailed imaging
Compact and easy to install
350m depth rating
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