Kongsberg Mesotech M3 Sonar: Multibeam Sonar Head
Kongsberg Mesotech M3 Sonar: Multibeam Sonar Head
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Kongsberg Mesotech M3 Sonar: Multibeam Sonar Head

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Unique Group offers Kongsberg Mesotech M3 Multibeam Sonar Head which is the latest in multibeam sonar technology. The head which contains both imaging and profiling transducers, has a rapid refresh rate and the ability to configure complex pulses, making it ideal for a variety of applications.


It is used to generate high-resolution images that are easy to interpret due to its combination of a conventional multibeam sonar with image quality comparable to a single beam sonar.

The Multibeam sonar works similarly to a standard bottom long-range sonar, but instead of creating a single image, it generates up to 10,000 individual images, which are then merged on the boat’s console to create a final high-quality image of the area.

High-performance sonar head with a 16.8 kHz bandwidth that is densely packed.

Cost-effective and time-saving.

A simple-to-use touch-screen control is also available.


Range and resolution : 0.2 m to 150 m and 1 cm

Frequency: 500 kHz and CW pulse type

CHIRP Modes: Variable vertical beam width, eIQ

Vibration qualified: 4g, 30Hz 3 Axes, 2 hours per axis. No resonance below 800Hz

Vertical beamwidth: 3°, 7°, 15°, 30° for imaging mode , 30° for eIQ imaging mode and 3° for profiling mode.

Temperature for operation: -2°C to +38°C


For deep-sea surveys and mapping, as well as recreational and commercial fishing and maritime investigation.

Marine engineering

Shallow water bathymetric surveying

Site inspection, clearance and environmental monitoring

Defence and security

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