Kongsberg EM 2040 MKII: Multibeam Echo Sounder
Kongsberg EM 2040 MKII: Multibeam Echo Sounder
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Kongsberg EM 2040 MKII: Multibeam Echo Sounder

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Unique Group offers Kongsberg 2040 Mkll,the first 3-sector broadband multibeam echosounder in the market, which is now available as a 200 – 700 kHz system. The system fulfils, and even surpasses, IHO-S44 special order and the more stringent LINZ specification.


200-400 kHz wide frequency range with optional dual swath and 600 kHz and 700 kHz modes

Water column display and logging with SIS

FM chirp and seabed image

Roll, pitch and yaw stabilisation

Short pulse lengths, large bandwidth with Depth rated to 6000 m



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Maximum ping rate: 50 Hz

Swath coverage sector: Up to 170° (single receiver) / 220° (dual receiver)

Beam patterns : Equiangular, equidistant high density and ultra high density

No. of beams per ping : 512 (Single RX)/1024 (Single RX, Dual Swath)/1600 (Dual RX, Dual Swath)

Beams: roll stabilised beams ± 15° , pitch stabilised beams ± 10°and yaw stabilised beams ± 10°


Cable route surveys.

Habitat mapping.

General seabed mapping.

Multibeam survey.

High resolution mapping and inspection.

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