Kongsberg EM® 2040C: Multibeam Echo Sounder
Kongsberg EM® 2040C: Multibeam Echo Sounder
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Kongsberg EM® 2040C: Multibeam Echo Sounder

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Unique Group offers Kongsberg’s EM® 2040C multibeam echo sounder, a high-end, long-range, multifunctional sonar system. The operating frequency range is from 200 to 400 kHz with frequency selection in steps of 10 kHz, enabling the user to choose on the fly the best operating frequency for the application.


High resolution and wide frequency range.

FM chirp and yaw stabilisation – for dual head.

Roll and pitch stabilisation.

Nearfield focusing both on transmit and receive.

Short pulse lengths, large bandwidth.


Frequency range: 200 to 400 kHz in steps of 10 kHz.

Beam width: 1 * 1 degree at 400 kHz

Max ping rate: 50 Hz.

Swath coverage sector: Up to 130 degrees (single head) / 200 degrees (dual head).

Dual swathe option available at extra cost.

No. of soundings per ping: 400 (single head, single swath) 800 (single head, dual swath) 1600 (dual head, dual swath).


High-resolution mapping and inspection tasks.

It is well built for quick installation on quick survey launches and boats.

Can be used for precise seabed scanning which is supported by powerful bottom detecting algorithms which have been built up over time.

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