Norbit iWBMS: Multibeam Sonar System (1×1)
Norbit iWBMS: Multibeam Sonar System (1×1)
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Norbit iWBMS: Multibeam Sonar System (1×1)

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Unique Group offers NORBIT iWBMS Multibeam Sonar, the perfect solution for surveys, mapping, and environmental monitoring . It also offers high-resolution bathymetry over a wide swath, making it perfect for a variety of applications and is based on a flexible sonar platform that utilises the latest in analog and digital signal processing.


The GNSS/Inertial navigation system ensures fast and reliable mobilisation, while the Sound Velocity Sensor guarantees the highest quality sounding.

It has a globally leading GNSS/Inertial Navigation System using the Applanix POS MV Wavemaster II embedded onto the sonar.

Multibeam enables high-resolution maps of dynamic situations and huge areas, especially in difficult situations like murky water and undersea habitats.


Swath coverage: 7° – 179°, (140° nominal)

Range resolution: <10 mm (acoustic)

Operating frequency: 400 kHz w/ 80 kHz with bandwidth (200-700 kHz possible)

Depth range: 0.2-275 m (160 m Typical

Position accuracy and heading accuracy: 0.02-0.1 m (RTK) and 0.03O (RTK) Wwh 2 m baseline


Shallow water bathymetry and pipeline surveys

Pond, river, lake and estuary surveys

Harbour and open ocean coastal surveys.


MCM & littoral combat zone surveys

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