Kongsberg: GeoSwath Plus Compact
Kongsberg: GeoSwath Plus Compact
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Kongsberg: GeoSwath Plus Compact

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Unique Group offers Geoswath Plus, which provides very efficient simultaneous swath bathymetry and side scan seabed mapping with accuracies that have been shown to exceed the IHO standards for hydrographic surveys. We have 250kHz systems available for sale or rental.


Ultra high resolution swath bathymetry

Meets IHO SP-44 Special order standards

Co-registered geo-referenced side scan

Up to 12 times water depth coverage

Compact protected proof deck unit


Power requirements: 24 VDC, 55 W peak

Deck unit IP rating: IP66 – watertight

Control interface: Laptop via ethernet or touch Screen control (optional)

Frequency versions: 250kHz Max water depth below transducers: 50M

Power supply: 24 V power supply, 40 W


Shallow water survey

Hydrography survey

Can be deployed on small vessels like dinghies and jet skis equipped with 24 V power supply.

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