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Teledyne SeaBat® T50-S: Subsea Multibeam Echosounder

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The T50-S is a new addition to the leading SeaBat product range engineered from the ground up to evolve with your business. Combined with a Subsea Sonar Processor (SSP), the T50-S produces unprecedented clean data, providing faster operational surveys and reduced processing time in a fully integrated sonar processing and data storage unit housed in a subsea pressure vessel.


Tracker – powerful tool for automated control

Selectable Beam Density – you define what you need to get the job done. Minimise data storage rates to only what you require.

Multi-Detect – Multiple detections for enhanced detail over complex features and water column targets.

FlexMode – increase data density where you need it most

X-Range – improve range and reduce the impact of external noise


Sonar operating frequency in the range of 400kHz to 200kHz

Number of beams: Min 10, Max 1024

Swath coverage (up to): 150° Equi -Distant (170° Equi-Angle)

Depth rating: 6000m

Depth resolution: 6mm


Surveying using ROVs

Subsea maintenance

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