Teledyne BlueView P900: 2D Imaging Sonar
Teledyne BlueView P900: 2D Imaging Sonar
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Teledyne BlueView P900: 2D Imaging Sonar

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The BlueView P900-2D Forward looking Imaging Sonar is part of a complete family of high-performance imaging sonar systems engineered for multi tasking applications and flexible deployment options. These lightweight sonar systems offer real time high resolution sonar imagery for object identification, navigation, monitoring, and inspection tasks in a compact design.


Lightweight and compact design

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

Crisp and detailed real-time imagery

On the fly point-to-point measurements

Video synchronisation and geo-referencing


Operating Frequency: 900 kHz

Update Rate: Up to 15 Hz

Max Range: 100 m (328 ft.)

Optimum Range: 2 – 60 m (6.5 – 197 ft.)

Beam Width: 1 x 20 degrees


ROV navigation

Object detection/identification

Target tracking and obstacle avoidance

Operations monitoring and area/structure inspection

Search and recovery

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