Imagenex Model 881L-GS: Gyro Stabilised
Imagenex Model 881L-GS: Gyro Stabilised
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Imagenex Model 881L-GS: Gyro Stabilised

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The Imagenex Model 881L Gyro Stabilisation makes high resolution multi frequency imaging sonar into a system capable of crystal clear visualisation of the ocean environment from moving platforms, no longer compromised by the blurring effects of host vehicle rotation. An advanced low drift gyro is integrated directly into the sonar head, so the sonar can now compensate for vehicle motion in real time with unprecedented accuracy, stability and robustness.


Full scale range from 1m to 200m

Gyro stabilised transducer steering

Simple set-up and installation

Orientation module

Programmable (format available)

Ethernet communications


Min. detectable range: 150 mm

Max. cable length: Standard: 100m on CAT5e

Power supply: 20- 32 V DC at less than 7 Watts

Range resolution: 1m – 4m: 2mm , 5m & up: 10 mm



Manned Submersibles

Search and recovery

Borehole/cave work

Drop sonar and scientific research

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