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High-Quality Gyrocompass + Heading Sensors from Unique Group

Unique Groups brings the best-in-class gyrocompass + heading sensors for a wide range of marine operations. We specialise in developing survey equipment with top-notch quality materials and technologies. All the products meet the highest standards in the industry and can withstand the toughest conditions.

The products that come under this category include attitude and positioning systems, gyrocompass and motion sensors, inertial navigation systems, fibre optic gyro systems, GNSS receivers, and gyrocompass. The robust and high-quality attitude and positioning system comes with precise heading and positioning capabilities. It is ideal for shipping channel surveys, hydrographic surveys, marine laser scan surveys, harbour and bridge inspections, and environmental and renewable energy surveys. The gyrocompass and motion sensor is an all-in-one product ideal for a variety of challenging applications. From motion monitoring to vessel navigation, this survey equipment is ideal for all applications. The GNSS receiver is suitable for surveying projects and marine and land applications.

The gyrocompass + heading sensors of Unique Group are the best in the industry. Wondering why? Go through the benefits listed below.

  • High Accuracy: We offer reliable surface vessel equipment that can provide operators with highly accurate data. The products deliver accurate and real-time speed, attitude, and heading data.
  • Small and Lightweight: The gyrocompass + heading sensors are small and light in weight. They can easily be carried to the site of the survey without any difficulty.
  • Low Cost: All our gyrocompass + heading sensors are affordable. The core aim is to readily make them available to the users.
  • Modern Technology: The products are equipped with the latest technologies like the fibre optic gyro (FOG) for exceptional performance.

Need a quote or require more detailed information about our gyrocompass + heading sensors? Contact our engineers right away, discuss your unique requirements, and get the right solutions at competitive prices.