EMCE Offshore Man-riding Air Winches



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Efficient EMCE Offshore Man Riding Air Winches from Unique Group

Unique Group provides high-quality EMCE offshore man riding air winches for different offshore applications. We understand the increase in the requirement for diving life support systems among professional divers. Our engineers focus on equipping them with the essential surface diving equipment and ensuring the optimum success of their subsea endeavors. We offer a complete range of winches to cater to the unique requirements of customers.

Under the EMCE offshore man riding air winches category, we mainly offer two products. It includes EMCE MR FL Series: Offshore Man-Rider Winch and EMCE OAW/ OMR Series: Offshore Air Driven Winch. The offshore man-rider winch is one of the dedicated personnel lifting winches that is helpful during offshore installations. The offshore air drive winch is specifically designed for offshore applications and other hazardous environments where there is limited space. 

Still, wondering why to select the EMCE offshore man riding air winches of Unique Group? Go through the reasons listed below.

  • Reliable: The offshore man rider winch is compliant with the specific requirements of the EC Machinery Directives. It also meets the UK HSE regulations and the standards of the classification bodies. So, the equipment is reliable for use by the customers. 
  • High-Quality Components: All the winches are made up of high-quality components and materials. They are designed to last for longer periods. 
  • Easy Maintenances: The winches are simple and easy to maintain. With minimal maintenance requirements, they can continue to function optimally. The maintenance cost is quite low. 
  • Cost-Effective: Our products are available to customers at reasonable prices. We ensure that our customers are able to easily access the winches.

At Unique Group, we have a team of winch specialists who are ready to assist customers with all their requirements. Need more information? Contact us right away and get detailed insights.