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Hull Cleaning Equipment for Efficient Maintenance of Marine Vessels from Unique Group

Unique Group offers full range of hull cleaning equipment designed with the latest and innovative technology for cleaning and maintaining the hulls of marine vessels. Our flagship product, SmartKart 6 is a brilliant underwater grooming/cleaning machine, designed to operate in a wide array of depths. The hull cleaning equipment in our inventory is highly maneuverable, and they ensure efficient cleaning of even the most complex hull designs without any hiccups.

The SmartKart 6 depicts outstanding performance in safely and efficiently removing biofouling from different substrates. With a high-pressure suction, it facilitates the removal of even the toughest barnacles, algae, and growth from the surface trailers, hulls, and hull undersides, docks, props, or any other typically overgrown areas.

  • Clean compact design: The hull cleaning equipment from Unique Group is characterized by its compact size, lightweight attribute, and easy mobility.
  • Efficient hull cleaning solutions: The Hull Cleaning Equipment category of the Unique Group offers efficient and effective solutions for underwater hull cleaning. The equipment is designed to remove marine fouling from the hull of ships and vessels without causing any damage to the hull or marine life.
  • Industry-wide applications: Our hull cleaning equipment is perfect for cleaning surfaces in different applications. They are leveraged in wetland and marine projects with minimal professional knowledge and work seamlessly in shipbuilding and offshore applications for marine maintenance and aquaculture.
  • Safe and easy to use: The hull cleaning equipment is designed to be safe and easy to use. The SmartKart 6, for example, is operated remotely or manually and can be easily maneuvered around the hull of the ship.

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