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Efficient HP Compressors from Unique Group

Unique Group offers an extensive portfolio of HP compressors that are ideal for diverse applications. We have been into subsea technologies and engineering for more than 25 years. The in-depth knowledge of general diving equipment enables us to design and develop high-quality compressors for optimum functioning. The core aim is to meet the demands of the customers and ensure their optimum satisfaction.

Our HP compressors include nautic compressors, basic compressors, HP filling panels, and many more. The compressors are extremely reliable, robust, and lightweight. They are used in shipping vessels and subsea environments for increasing the energy potential and decreasing air volume. The nautic compressors are electric-powered and ideal for stationary filling operations. The basic compressor is equipped with an automatic compensation drain, a Hatz diesel motor, and an integrated filling unit. It is suitable to be used on autonomous trucks, safari boats, and remote islands. The compact compressors come with a star/ delta start system and are fully wired. They are ideal for boats and ships with limited space.

Below are the benefits of our HP compressors from our diving + life support equipment solutions:

  • Available in Various Versions: Our compressors come in 4 different versions. So, based on your specific requirements, you have the flexibility to choose the right one.
  • User-friendly: The nautic compressors are user-friendly and can be easily used on a mobile system.
  • Lightweight: Our products are light in weight and robust in nature. You can conveniently use them and be rest assured of greater performance.
  • Auto-start System: The compact compressor features an auto-start system along with an auto-stop and automatic condensate drain. 

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