L&W: HP Filling Panels
L&W: HP Filling Panels
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L&W: HP Filling Panels


Unique Group , in partnership with Lenhardt & Wagner, offers HP Filling Panels that are dual pressure filling panels. These panels do not need exertion of extra pressure for functioning and have various filling connections for pressure exertion.


200, 232, or 300 bar filling pressure

Self-vent-lever-operated filling valves

Filling hoses/direct filling connections for BA cylinders

Multiple filling connections and 8 mm bulkhead fitting

100mm diameter pressure gauge in the HP Filling Panels


Sturdy steel frame, removable for easy mounting, powder coated in RAL 6026

Steel plate housing powder coated in RAL 6026

8 mm bulkhead fitting for air inlet (inter-changeable left/right)

Ready for connection, piped with 8 mm stainless steel piping

Start/Stop remote control with running control lamp (available for various compressor controls)


Applicable to air cylinders that need to be filled simultaneously at various pressure levels.

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