L&W 570 E: Compressors
L&W 570 E: Compressors
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L&W 570 E: Compressors

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The LW570 is a slow-rating compressor with low service and maintenance intervals. It has 4 stage piston compressors for large, professional applications.


Heavy-duty compressor block components

Improved lubrication system c/w oil filter

Automatic condensate drain and stop at final pressure

0.8 litre Prefilter, condensate stop-valve and 10 litre condensate tank

Motor protection switch and safety switch

Pressure maintaining and non-return valve


Length: 1300mm

Width: 720mm

Height: 1000mm

Weight: 310kg

Prime Mover: 3-Phase E-Motor 400V / 50Hz


Suitable for large filling stations such as city fire departments, large diving schools or hyperbaric facilities.

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