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L&W 200 E: Nautic Compressors

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Unique Group, in partnership with Lenhardt & Wagner, supplies LW 200E Nautic, L&W Compressors which are ideal for stationary filling operations as they have electric power and a compact design. These user-friendly air compressors are easy to use on a mobile system.


Made in Germany

Available in different versions

200/300 bar switch-over device

Hour counter

Conversion set petrol/electric drive available in LW 200E Nautic, L&W Compressors


Oil- / Water separators after 2nd and 3rd stage

Safety valves after each stage

Filling pressure to your choice (200 or 300 bar)

Connections to your choice

(DIN 200 bar or 300 bar, CGA 200 bar or 300 bar and INT)

Breathing air purification an accordance to EN 12021


Stationary filling operations

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